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Leaves are falling.. winter is coming.

Uh oh… clocks have to be set back an hour this weekend.  Not a big fan of it getting darker earlier.  I love summer and especially love fall weather.  As more leaves fall to the ground, it reminds me that my archenemy is just around the corner… the winter season!   I think a big part of my disliking winter is not only the cold, but the lack of sunshine.  My brain on winter is a seasonal affective disorder disaster.  Fortunately, I am much better than I used to be.  This is due to getting more of the things I needed for my hypothalamus and body to function better. I wanted to share some of my survival techniques that have really helped me and my family in the winter.

A few years ago, I ordered a NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp.  This little light box is amazing… I sit in front of this for 15-30 minutes a day.  It really makes a difference.  I ordered mine off of Amazon.

Sitting in front of my light box… getting happy happy happy.   light

Here is what it looks like from the front. A light box mimics outdoor light. Researchers believe this type of light causes a chemical change in the brain that lifts your mood and eases other symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

light box

Taking Vitamin D3 has changed my life in the winter as well! You can get your levels tested.. I got mine tested and I needed 7,000 IU!   Once I started taking the right amount, I noticed a huge difference in my mood.  I was not as cold and I did not have to sit in front of my light box as much.  Most people in this country have very low Vitamin D3 levels.  I use this Thorne brand (shown below) and you can also order from Amazon.  Did I mention that I am a Amazon Prime junkie?  Free shipping is pretty awesome.  (make sure it is D3 not just D)  I buy a spray Vitamin D3 for my kids from Dr. Mercola’s website.  It tastes good.


Vitamin D3 not only improves mood, but may help you lose weight. In a paper published in the August issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Anthony Norman, an international expert on vitamin D, identifies vitamin D’s potential for contributions to good health in the adaptive and innate immune systems, the secretion and regulation of insulin by the pancreas, the heart and blood pressure regulation, muscle strength and brain activity.

Access to adequate amounts of vitamin D is also believed to be beneficial towards reducing the risk of cancer.

Norman also lists 36 organ tissues in the body whose cells respond biologically to vitamin D, including bone marrow, breast, colon, intestine, kidney, lung, prostate, retina, skin, stomach and uterine tissues.

Probiotics..  What are probiotics? Simply put, it is the good bacteria that resides in your gut and battles infection caused by viruses, yeast, fungi and parasites. And it, like bad bacteria, is killed off with antibiotics, often leaving you more vulnerable for the next bug that comes along.  Probiotics improve your immune response. One of the main functions of healthful bacteria is to stimulate your immune response. “By taking probiotics and maintaining good intestinal flora, a person can also help to maintain a healthy immune system.

I have found this brand works the best for me… I get them in the refrigerated section at Sprouts.  They have a great kid’s brand as well.


Eating whole food.. eliminating as much processed food and sugar as you can.  I am also gluten free and that has made a big difference in how I feel. Nice!  I can’t stress enough how important eating healthy food is.  It will strengthen your immune system.  Eating processed foods and sugar lowers your immune system and makes you susceptible to sickness.


I have to give a shout out to my sweet mom.  She was so ahead of her time.  In the late 70’s and 80’s, it really was not the cool thing to eat healthy.  My mom would find these little hole in the wall health food stores so she could buy what she needed. Instead of a beautiful Whole Foods Mecca awaiting us… there would be a small, quiet and weird smelling store. I’m assuming that smell was from the bulk food bins which were full of yeasts, spices and other dry powders. Most of the time there was some bearded guy behind the counter and sometimes he would say, “Hey kid… do you want a piece of Carob?”  Um.. no.  I do not want Carob.  I think having a Carob bunny in my Easter basket every year was plenty for me.  I will tell you…. we really never got sick.  My mom always had healthy meals and snacks.  She went to Co-ops for Farmers Cheese and large tubs of natural peanut butter.  We would drive out to farms and pick our whole chickens straight from the tub of water the farmers had them in.  She would freeze like 50 chickens and we would have chickens for the whole year.  In fact, I am 40 years old and I don’t have any cavities… I am going to give all the credit to my mom!  Back then I would have killed for a white Wonder Bread sandwich with bologna. (my friends would never trade me at lunch) And now… I am so grateful to her. Those healthy lunches not only kept our immune systems strong, but it also taught us great nutrition.

I still don’t like Carob chocolate.  Let’s just be honest… Carob needs to stop pretending to be chocolate!  🙂

carob kiss

I mentioned in my last blog about the 4 Essential oils that we use to help fight sickness.  Thieves, R.C. Peppermint and Lemon– all powerful in helping you and your family out this winter.  Here is the link to that article.  http://wp.me/p3XIvS-4V

Last but not least… Exercise!  Exercise reduces stress and boosts happy chemicals! Exercise releases endorphins, which create feelings of euphoria and happiness.  If you exercise regularly, there’s a good chance that you’re helping to boost your immune system. In fact, recent studies have suggested that if you complete moderate exercise just a few times every week, you can drastically reduce the number of colds that you get every year. Outside of just keeping you in shape and helping you to become healthier over time, exercise can boost your immune system and help your body fight off harmful diseases and even something as simple as the common cold.

My mom still eats very healthy and is in great shape.. hope I can be in such good shape in my 60’s!  I definitely am not perfect. I still struggle to get my kids to eat healthier and I do have my fair share of chip and dark chocolate bingeing.  I think the goal is to try and do something every day to improve your health and to work on boosting your immune system with Vitamin D3, probiotics, whole foods, essential oils and exercise!  All of these things have greatly improved my winter experience… hope they will help you as well!

Here Comes the Boom

As I am the only girl in the house, we tend to watch a lot of boy movies for our Friday night movie night.  Even our puppy is a boy…I am outnumbered.  The boys love anything that gets their testosterone pumped up!  They love the movie Here Comes The Boom. (Kevin James is funny) So, I have been wanting to write about oils that powerfully fight all of the sicknesses that seem to creep in during the winter months.

Cue the theme song … Boom!  Here comes the Boom!


Essential oils are immune supporting….bacteria and viruses cannot live in the presence of therapeutic grade essential oils.
Essential oils are highly oxygenating. Oxygen and disease can’t exist in the same environment.   So as we head into winter it is good to be prepared with essential oils… bacteria and viruses don’t stand a chance!

Here are the four essential oils that are in our arsenal every winter… Thieves, R.C. Peppermint and Lemon.



Thieves Oil is a blend of five essential oils that are scientifically documented to be highly anti-infectious, antiviral, antibacterial, and antiseptic. Thieves essential oil is a safe and natural way to care for your family’s health. With the concern over swine flu-H1N1, global pandemics, and other infectious disease, this potent oil blend is a powerful way to support your family’s health and wellness.

Thieves oil is a blend of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Rosemary and Eucalyptus Radiata

Clove :Immune enhancing, powerful antioxidant
Lemon Oil: Powerful antioxidant, natural solvent and cleanser, supports circulation
Cinnamon Bark: High in antioxidants, supports digestive system, relieves discomfort
Rosemary Oil: Naturally energizing, helps to restore mental alertness when experiencing mental fatigue
Eucalyptus Radiata: Highly antiviral, supports respiratory system, antibacterial

I use this everyday… I use this not only when my kids are sick, but as a preventative measure as well.  I put this on my kids feet at night.  I diffuse in my diffuser daily.  At the first sign of a sniffle… this oil is going on.  If I start feeling like a cold or cough is coming on.. I will put in a clear vegetable capsule.  I will put about 5 drops in and then swallow.  Boom!  Symptoms disappear. 🙂

What are the Safety Precautions? Children under 18 months of age should not use this oil. Women who are pregnant should use caution. Can cause extreme irritation to the skin, therefore dilution is necessary. (not necessary to dilute when putting on the bottom of the feet)

This is what a size 00 Vegetable capsule looks like.


R.C. is a fantastic blend of nine essential oils that are specifically designed to support respiratory challenges including allergies, colds, bronchitis, congestion and sinus inflammation.

R.C. oil

There are nine different essential oils in the R.C. blend.

• Eucalyptus globulus Essential Oil – has antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It is a strong antimicrobial germ killer. It reduces any throat infection!

• Eucalyptus radiata Essential Oil (Black Peppermint Oil) is anti-infectious, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and an expectorant. It combats bronchitis and sinusitis.

• Eucalyptus citriodora Essential Oil (Lemon Eucalyptus) has anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious and antispasmodic properties. It decongests and disinfects lungs and sinuses.

• Myrtle Essential Oil (Myrtus communis) has antiseptic, antibacterial and decongesting properties. It oxygenates and expels mucus from the respiratory system.

• Pine Essential Oil (Pinus sylvestris) has antiseptic, antibacterial antimicrobial antiviral and expectorant properties. Dilates and opens up the respiratory system, particularly the bronchial tract.

• Marjoram Essential Oil (Origanum majorana) has antibacterial and anti-spasmodic properties. It reduces spasms and is relaxing to the body.

• Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia) has analgesic and anti-spasmodic properties. It helps relief stress, sore muscles, menstrual cramps and nervous tension in the body.

• Cypress Essential Oil (Cupresus sepmervirens) strengthens the vascular system. It increases circulation and supports detoxification of the lymphatic system.

• Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha piperita) has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and pain blocking properties. It is soothing, cooling and dilating the respiratory system.

A couple years ago, my younger son, got a nasty cough… this sucker lasted for weeks.  I found out about R.C. and started using this on him.  Once I started using this, he started getting better.  I would rub this on his chest and back during the day… sometimes every 4 hours.  I would test first or use with a carrier oil if you are using for the first time.  It has a strong smell.  Really love this stuff!

Cough syrups are some of the most chemical loaded products with artificial colors and flavorings added. While traditional cough syrups are really drugs to suppress or force a cough, essential oils work with your body’s chemistry and not only build up your immune system, but they fight the bacteria & viruses causing your symptoms.  So, I think it is better to go the R.C. route for a cough!

R.C. is also good for the croup.  You can diffuse in the air and apply to the balls of the feet and the toes 2-3 times a day.

What are the Safety Precautions? RC should not be used by children under the age of 18 months.

Peppermint!  The entire plant contains menthol, an organic compound with local anesthetic properties which provides a wonderful cooling sensation while it naturally alleviates discomfort. It also has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, insecticidal and antispasmodic properties.

peppermint2Did you know that a Kiel University study found that 10% of the peppermint oil in ethanol had the same result as taking a 1000 mg dose of paracetamol? Paracetamol is a widely used analgesic to combat tensions headaches, pain and to reduce fevers.

We not only use Peppermint to help with upset tummies, but we use it for a cold, cough and fever as well.  For the upset tummy, rub a couple drops mixed with a carrier oil on the stomach.  For sinus congestion you can put one drop on the roof of your mouth.  For coughs and fever rub a couple drops on the bottom of the feet. (the Peppermint helps draw the heat out when you put this on the feet for a fever)  You can diffuse this and will help with congestion.  For a headache, mix with your carrier oil and rub across the forehead, on temples and over the sinuses.  Be careful not to get this in your eyes.

(Best recipe for a fever:  Put a couple drops of Thieves, Peppermint and Lemon on the bottom of the feet)  That virus won’t know what hit it!

Safety precautions for Peppermint:  I would advise not putting on babies or very small children.  (under 3 yrs of age).  You could diffuse in the room.

Lemon oil is most effective in warding off or reducing the severity of a virus. You can also rub on the bottom of the feet to help reduce fever as well.


We drink this in water daily (really reduces that gross phlegm) and then layer it with the other oils if they are sick.

**I usually don’t layer blended oils… meaning I don’t put Thieves and R.C. on the feet at the same time.  I will put Thieves, Peppermint, Lemon and Lavender on the feet together and R.C. on the chest.**

To sum things up..

  • Thieves is best for the flu.
  • Lemon oil is most effective in warding off or reducing the severity of a virus and helps reduce a fever.
  • Peppermint is best known for reducing or preventing a cold, cough or fever.
  • RC works well when it’s applied to the chest  or when it’s diffused or inhaled for sinus or chest relief.
  • Thieves and R.C. work well together to combat a cough. The essential oils can ward off the illness if you act quickly as soon as you feel the first signs of getting sick. These oils help reduce the severity of the sickness if you act after you’re sick as well.

Essential oils have helped my family stay healthier and recover faster (when we do catch something).  I am so grateful for them. They are truly God’s healing oils.  And with these oils as our weapons against sickness… it is only fitting to quote LL Cool J.  “Mama said knock you out!”

*Sharing experiences with essential oils is an effective way of learning to utilize these powerful gifts from Nature.  With this knowledge we can take control of our personal health.  However, we are required by law in the USA to state, “These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”


Lemon (Citrus limon) has a strong, purifying, citrus scent that is revitalizing and uplifting! Lemon consists of 68 percent dlimonene, a powerful antioxidant. Lemon essential oil is  cold-pressed from the rinds of lemons.  It is estimated that it takes 3,000 lemons to produce one kilo of oil!  Lemons were used in Europe as early as 200 A.D. and were introduced to the Americas by Christopher Columbus in 1493.

Studies show that inhaling lemon can actually counter occasional feelings of depression. Lemon is also an important ingredient in natural cosmetics that may be useful for cleansing the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It is delicious to drink in water and I must confess that I am a lemon oil junkie! (Young Living lemon oil is safe for internal use)  Every time I get a glass of water, I add a drop of lemon oil to it.  The taste of lemon oil compared to squeezing fresh lemon juice into your water has a completely different taste.  The fresh lemon juice tastes more acidic and the lemon oil has a warmer taste.  You will have to do a taste test to judge for yourself!  🙂  As this is not very expensive, I tend to hoard this oil.  I don’t like drinking water without it.    I hope you don’t see me on TLC one day… getting an intervention from family about my lemon oil hoarding problem!

Just looking at a lemon makes me happy.

lemon tree

Lemon oil is not only wonderful to drink, but there are so many other health benefits. Lemon oil is anti-infectious, antibacterial (especially with spores), antiviral, antiseptic, and a disinfectant.

Lemon oil can help balance your pH.  “The ideal pH for human blood is between 7.4 and 7.6. Preserving this alkalinity (pH balance) is the bedrock on which sound health and strong bodies are built. When the blood loses its alkalinity and starts to become more acidic, the foundation of health is undermined. This creates an environment where we become vulnerable to disease and runaway yeast and fungus overgrowth. The naturally occurring yeast and fungi in the body thrive in an acidic environment. These same yeast and fungi are responsible for secreting a large number of poisons called mycotoxins, which are believed to be one of the root causes of many diseases and debilitating conditions.”

                                      Picture of mycotoxins… disgusting.

“When yeast and fungus decline in the body, so does their production of Mycotoxins, the poisonous waste products and byproducts of their life cycles. There are numerous varieties of these Mycotoxins, many of which are harmful to the body and must be neutralized by our immune systems. When our bodies are overwhelmed by large quantities of these toxins, our health becomes impaired, and we become susceptible to disease and illness.

Many cancers have been linked to Mycotoxins. By balancing the body’s pH and creating a more alkaline environment, you can reign in the microbial overgrowth and choke off the production of disease producing Mycotoxins.”  (How to restore body to an Alkaline pH by Evelyn Vincent)


Dr. Jean Valnet, M.D. and medical researcher, has stated that the essential oil of lemon acts as a liver decongestant and diuretic and is a powerful body cleanser.  Lemon essential oil is exceptional for the lymph system, stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and spleen. The vaporized essence of lemon can kill Meningococcus bacteria in 15 minutes, Typhoid bacilli in one hour, Staphylococcus aureus in two hours, and Pnuemococcus bacteria within three hours. Even a 0.2% solution of lemon can kill diphtheria bacteria in 20 minutes and inactivate tuberculosis bacteria.


Here are some other ways to use lemon:
**To clean non-carpeted floors, add 1/4 cup of white vinegar to a bucket of water. Then add 5 – 10 drops of lemon. If the floor is especially dirty, add several drops of dish washing soap. This will clean even the dirtiest floor.

**To make a carpet freshener, add 16 – 20 drops of essential oils to 1 cup of baking soda or borax powder. Mix ingredients together well and place in a covered container overnight so that the essential oil can be absorbed. Sprinkle over carpet then vacuum the powder up.

**Some essential oils can act as gentle stimulants to the limbic system of the brain by their scent, increasing alertness and concentration enhancing the capacity for learning, improving memory, and assisting many other cognitive functions. Lemon is one of these oils!

** Use 1–2 drops to remove gum, oil, grease, grease spots, glue and adhesives, and crayon from most surfaces. Tip: try a test area before to make sure you won’t ruin any finishes.

**To use Lemon oil in place of the zest of “one” lemon – use 8 drops of Young Living Lemon essential oil.

**Combine 2–3 drops with water in a 4oz. spray bottle filled with water to help cleanse and sanitize kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

** Soothe or prevent corns, callous, or bunions by rubbing 1-2 drops of Lemon oil on the affected area, morning and evening.

**Fill a bowl with cold water, add 2–3 drops of Lemon oil, and drench fruit and vegetables in the lemon water to extend the shelf life of fresh produce.

**Add a drop to your dishwasher before the wash cycle for spot-free dishes.

** Lemon oil may help brighten a pale, dull complexion by removing the dead skin cells. Simply mix a drop with your cleanser to help promote healthier skin tone.

**Rub 1-3 drops of Lemon oil to clean a butcher’s block or other cutting surfaces to disinfect those surfaces.

**Add one teaspoon of lemon essential oil to one-cup mineral oil for an effective furniture polish.

**Put a drop of Lemon oil on bleeding gum’s caused by gingivitis or tooth extraction to help with healing and disinfecting.

** Rub 4-6 drops of Lemon oil with 1 teaspoon of V-6 Massage Oil on cellulite, may improve circulation and help eliminate waste from the cells.  (Thank you, Young Living Oil Lady for these great tips!)

As you can see lemon is pretty powerful and it does come to our aid!

Here is a good lemonade recipe:

lavender lemonade

Fill a glass pitcher with ice cold water.
Add 10 drops of Young Living Lemon Oil
Add 1 tsp of pure stevia powder to sweeten. Or a couple tablespoons of honey.
Add 1 drop of Lavender (optional)
Stir vigorously and taste. Add more drops of Lemon, Lavender, stevia, or honey to your preferred flavor.
Fill glasses with ice, and stir lemonade well before pouring each glass.

*Sharing experiences with essential oils is an effective way of learning to utilize these powerful gifts from Nature.  With this knowledge we can take control of our personal health.  However, we are required by law in the USA to state, “These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”


Thieves oil is just the coolest oil.  It not only has a ton of uses but the name is so unique! The name was created based on the historical account of four thieves in France who protected themselves from the Black Plague with Cloves, Rosemary and other aromatics.  They would rob victims of this disease and when they got captured, they were offered a lighter sentence in exchange for their secret recipe.  Thieves oil is a blend of Clove, Rosemary, Cinnamon bark, Lemon and Eucalyptus Radiata.

Clove:Immune enhancing, powerful antioxidant
Lemon Oil: Powerful antioxidant, natural solvent and cleanser, supports circulation
Cinnamon Bark: High in antioxidants, supports digestive system, relieves discomfort
Rosemary Oil: Naturally energizing, helps to restore mental alertness when experiencing mental fatigue
Eucalyptus Radiata: Highly antiviral, supports respiratory system, antibacterial

This oil has been universally tested and found to be highly effective against airborne  bacteria.  This is such a great oil to have to fight against colds, flu, sore throat, bronchitis, strep, toothache, poison ivy, and eliminates odors.  Research from Weber State University in Utah has shown that this oil has a 99.96 percent kill rate against bacteria.   I am such a germaphobe… this is music to my ears!  99.96 percent kill rate– wow.   The research shows that the Thieves oil effectively interrupts the life cycle of bacteria and also interferes with the ability of viruses to replicate.  Studies also confirmed that most viruses and bacteria cannot live in the presence of many essential oils– including two of the oils found in Thieves– Cinnamon and Clove.  Die viruses die!

Once I started using Thieves (probably 3 years ago) I saw how effective this oil really is.  We really don’t use it in the summer.  I think it is because of all the Vitamin D we get.  As soon as the kids start school, we start the Thieves routine.  My husband is not really on board with all of my helpful health advice, but I can tell you that he is a fan of Thieves.  He was desperate one day and I told him to take some Thieves to get rid of his sore throat.  It worked immediately.  He now reaches for this at the first sign of a sore throat or cold.  I do the same… I either rub some on my feet or I gargle with it (one drop in water), or take 1 drop in some honey or milk.   You can also put a couple drops in a clear vegetable capsule and swallow.  I have the boys gargle with it or I also will dilute some in some carrier oil and rub over their throat.  It usually nips the cold or sore throat in the bud!  At night, I will rub this on their feet as well.  Be careful– this is a hot oil!  Make sure that you dilute it if you are putting on the skin.  The feet are okay without diluting it.  My boys have not had strep throat for years and no antibiotics for years.  This stuff is my strep killer.  If you really want to drop the flu bomb…. mix Thieves and Oregano oil in a capsule and take a few times a day.

In addition to the oil, there is the Thieves spray (you can spray in your mouth) cleaning products and toothpaste!  I use the cleaner, but I make my own Thieves hand soap.

Here is the recipe if you are interested.

2 TB of castile soap (I use Dr. Bronner’s peppermint castile soap– can find this at Target or a health food store)
10-12 drops of Thieves oil
5 drops of lemon oil-  lemon oil is optional
fill the rest with distilled water and I usually use a foaming soap dispenser

Another great way to use Thieves is to diffuse it…

I will diffuse this off and on all day in my diffuser when I know something is going around.


This also makes my house smell very yummy… Thieves smells like Christmas in a bottle!  You definitely need this in your arsenal for winter– such an amazing oil to keep you and your family healthy.

Here are 50 uses for Thieves oil!

1. Dilute with V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex and apply to cuts or open wounds to prevent infection and promote healing.

2. Mix with a tablespoon of water, gargle and swallow for a sore throat.

3. Apply undiluted directly to the skin of your upper chest and throat for bronchitis.

4. Place a drop on your thumb and apply to the roof of your mouth for a headache.

5. Put 10-12 drops in a size OO (clear vegetable capsule- you can order on my website) capsule undiluted and swallow.  (this is the ultimate flu bomb)

6. Put one drop of oil on your toothbrush to disinfect.

7. Put directly on the soles of your feet to protect you from colds and flu.

8. Breathe in the vapors when you have lung congestion.

9. Use to clean pet cages, creating a healthier environment for them.

10. Add to your dishwasher for cleaner dishes.

11. Add to your laundry cycle for cleaner clothes.

12. Add to your mop water for cleaner floors.

13. Mix with water to make a spray to repel insects on your flowers and plants.

14. Use to dissolve the gummy adhesive on price labels.

15. Apply to bee and wasp stings to neutralize the toxin and relieve the pain.

16. Apply to gums to prevent and treat gum disease.

17. Apply orally to maintain healthy teeth and reduce cavities.

18. Apply to gums and teeth for pain relief from toothaches.

19. Diffuse in homes or business to solve mold problems.

20. Add to orange juice and drink to reduce phlegm and congestion.

21. Apply to broken bones or joints for pain relief and to hasten healing.

22. Put a drop in your cup of tea for flavor and to maintain health.

23. Put on the tip of your tongue to help you stop smoking.

24. Put on cold sores and canker sores to make them disappear.

25. For warts, apply topically, inhale and ingest in capsules to make them disappear.

26. Rub on sore joints to relieve arthritis pain.

27. Drink a few drops in water or juice every three hours to stop a cold.

28. Place a drop on the tongue and a drop in a glass of water every day for herpes.

29. Rub on the bottoms of children’s feet for protection before school every day.

30. Diffuse in the house as your children come home from school every day to kill airborne bacteria.

31. Mix 50:50 with V6 vegetable oil and rub on daily for relief of shingles.

32. Apply a drop (diluted) on wound of a cat or dog to enhance healing.

33. Diffuse in the home or office to stimulate a cheerful mood.

34. Diffuse in the office to increase concentration and work efficiency.

35. Diffuse in your place of business to ward off germs.

36. Diffuse in the classroom to reduce student sickness and absenteeism.

37. Put a few drops in your carpet steamer/cleaner to disinfect carpet.

38. Mix a few drops with honey or agave in a teaspoon for cough relief.

39. Breathe and apply for sinus headaches.

40. Put a drop on a pimple to make it shrink and disappear.

41. For laryngitis put a drop under your tongue to restore your voice.

42. Inhale for relief of allergy symptoms.

43. Take a capsule full every day for relief of Lyme disease symptoms.

44. Carry a bottle on every flight to protect you from germs on the plane.

45. Drop in the heat/AC vents of a hotel to rid it of airborne germs.

46. Mix with baking soda to clean bathtubs.

47. Apply undiluted to the toes and feet to combat fungus.

48. Apply to poison ivy rashes (may need to be diluted with vegetable oil) to relieve the itch.

49. Drop Thieves Oil Blend on a cloth to remove permanent marker stains.

50. Sanitize pierced earrings by cleaning with Thieves Oil Blend.

Few tips:   Never use water to dilute an essential oil.

Thieves essential oil should be always be used with a carrier oil because it contains essential oils that are considered ‘hot’ (spicy) which could irritate skin. The essential oils in this blend that are considered hot are: clove and cinnamon bark.

In most applications, mix 3-5 drops of Thieves essential oil with 1 teaspoon  (carrier oil). If you find that the application still feels a bit too warm to your skin, simply add more carrier oil to dilute.

Possible skin sensitivity. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Always dilute before applying to the skin or taking internally. Keep out of reach of children.

Sharing experiences with essential oils is an effective way of learning to utilize these powerful gifts from Nature.  With this knowledge we can take control of our personal health.  However, we are required by law in the USA to state, “These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”