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Essential oils… let’s do this thing!

Well, I have not been blogging in about 3 years… I really have missed it.  Such a good outlet for me.  As my family is pretty tired of hearing me babble on about essential oils, I decided to make this a career!  So, I am studying to become an aromatherapist and am pretty excited about being able to study, think and talk about essential oils.  God has infused aromatic molecules of plants, not only with the power to heal us when we are ill, but to nurture and preserve our health when we are well.   Pretty amazing– God is the original aromatherapist!

I was trying to figure out what I wanted to call my blog and was thinking about just calling it Lavender.  Since this is my favorite oil and it has many special meanings for me… I decided on the French translation.. Lavande.  I find it funny that I don’t speak a bit of French, but this just seemed to fit.  I know a few words in Spanish.. gracias por leer mi blog.

A few years ago, my sweet friend’s mom introduced me to essential oils.  I had never used them before.  Marilyn, my friend’s mom, whipped out her case of oils and I was just in awe.  She was going to apply some Oregano to a wart I had on my hand. (gross, i know)  Anyway, I reeked of an Italian eatery the whole way home and reapplied it a couple more times to my hand.  Drum roll please… my wart totally vanished!   And I have not had any since then.  I can tell you that it was way less painful than having it burned off at the doctor’s office.  Let’s just say I was instantly hooked.  I started pouring over any material about essential oils that I could get my hands on.

Oregano is a very powerful oil… it is a natural antibiotic.  Oregano deserves its own post, so I will give it special attention soon.  Oregano has antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic properties.


Essential oils can be used topically, can be used as a dietary supplement, and in aromatic form.  (must be therapeutic grade to ingest)  Just by smelling oils.. it can create a powerful response in the body.  I could start talking about olfaction and how it affects the brain but that is another blog for another day.  An example would be:  when my son has a headache I will have him sit and just inhale the peppermint.  It has helped him many times in the past get over his headache more quickly.

So, my goal in starting this blog is to be able to share what I know and also what I am learning as I am studying.  Eventually, I would like to put what I have learned into practice into some type of coaching aspect.

If you are taking the time to read this… thank you.  Next post will be about all things Lavender!   Au revoir and Adios!